The Headquarters of Cyangugu Archdeaconry is where the Headquarters of Cyangugu Diocese is. It is Located in Rusizi District-Kamembe Sector-Gihundwe Cell-Batero Village. This Archdeaconry is Made up of Seven Parishes namely:

                    Cathedrale Christ The King

The Archdeaconry operates in Seven Sectors: KAMEMBE, MURURU, NKUNGU, GIHUNDWE, NKANKA, NKOMBO AND GIHEKE. It has Two Health Centers namely Shagasha and Mont-Cyangugu.It also has Three Health Posts: Mbagira,Gihaya and Kamatita. In terms of Education This Archdeaconry has Four Secondary Schools, Four Primary Schools, eight Nursery Schools and four literacy schools for aged people. It also has one Project supported by Compassion international under the name RW0729. The Purpose of this Archdeaconry is to evangelize making disciples of Christ and building up Christian Relationship through four pillars namely: Mothers Union, Fathers Union, Youth Union and Sunday School.